Welcome to my blogging world! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Page and I am Your Mediocre Mom! Hopefully this will be a place of encouragement for you, but I can’t promise it won’t also be a place to find laughter and relief from the beautiful yet mundane day-to-day chaos we all call life. I am a wife and a mother of a toddler with another due in 7 short weeks. I love my life and spend my time laughing at the silly things we tend to stress about.  I do love to cook and clean and craft and garden…but none of them all the time.  In my home, yes, cereal is completely acceptable for supper! Minus the dairy milk…too many lactose issues there. (Major bummer!)

What is a mediocre mom? A mediocre mom, to me, is one that doesn’t stress over making daily customized animal shaped lunches for her kids; one that doesn’t feel obligated to create $5,000 children’s birthday parties for the approval of her adult friends; one who realizes that life is really fast and really busy and doesn’t hate herself because she survived instead of thrived one (or four) days out of the week; one who understands that breathing love, laughter, and adventure into her kids’ days is more important than the numerous stains on the carpet or how many pieces of dog food the toddler snuck before she could hurry to feed the dog and close the food bin lid (guilty); and one who even though lives all these things still tries to do the best by her family. A mediocre mom is a REAL mom. A Pinterest-failing, crockpot-burning, crooked-hem sewing, sometimes absent-minded mom. And guess what? We like it that way! Life is awesome. Our kids are awesome. And we feel in our hearts that not always being awesome is just awesome! (Digital high-five!)

So what will my blog posts be about? Everything! Sometimes I may have a killer recipe to share, a wife-ism to share, a friend-ism to share, a craft-ism to share, and still other times I may have a, “If I were you, I wouldn’t do this,” moment to share. (Probably because I have just done said thing and it was a complete failure- ex. forgetting to check for a poopy diaper before putting a child into the bathtub.) Most of all I just want you to know that who ever you are, where ever you are, and what ever you are doing…you are doing a great job! This is a safe place where serving cereal for supper is COMPLETELY acceptable.  It’s great to digitally meet you! Feel free to leave a topic suggestion or comment!

Happy reading,

Your Mediocre Mom