Spend Your Money On These

Below you will find products that I have personally used and love. I do not sell any of these products. I only use them. Buy/use at your own discretion! (I love them!)

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Arm & Hammer Pet Fresh Carpet Powder

Y’all. This stuff is awesome. I can sprinkle a little on the living room rug (where we spend 90% of our time), vacuum it up and it makes the conjoining two rooms also smell lovely and clean. It removes dog scent, kid scent, and man scent. Yes, those all exist. I will warn you…if you have a carpeted home only use this in one or two rooms. It can be overpowering…..which isn’t the goal. We only have one XL area rug that we use it on.  Otherwise this company would have more of my money. You’re welcome.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Ya’ll…this stuff is awesome. They have a whole range of products but I love their basic warmers. I can plug it in for literally 15 minutes and then unplug it and it makes the room smell amazing all day. That way my wax bars last a lot longer. I prefer these to candles because of the soot dangers candles have with children. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Scentsy Consultant and you should definitely show her some love. You can order from her HERE! Jakie is the bomb dot com.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017:


I don’t care which brand you use, but this particular brand is the only one I’ve found that doesn’t leave those little food particles that aren’t completely broken down. For example, when I used my blender to make “veggie Popsicles” there were still chunks of spinach in my kid’s Popsicle. Not with the nutribullet. Yeah, that whole veggie Popsicle thing was before two kids. Totally not happening now.  But just so you know, we still LOVE using this Nutribullet. (It completely turns my Shakeology – see below- a handful of spinach and 4 ice cubes into a delicious smooth chocolate shake!)


Tuesday, January 10, 2017:

Shakeology (by Beachbody)

Ya’ll, this stuff is the busy mom’s breakfast. I don’t like breakfast anyway. And this is not a “protein shake.” It has protein in it, but it’s also loaded with vegetables, probiotics, vitamins and superfoods. This is a super quick dense nutrition shake that I throw together last minute and run out the door with. While getting the baby up, fed, and dressed; then the toddler up, fed, dressed, lunch fixed, backpack packed and all of us buckled into car seats……I don’t have time for me. Let’s just face it. I’m Your Mediocre Mom….not Your Supermom, or even Your Great Mom. I’m just not going to get up before my kids. I don’t have it in me.  Shakeology allows me to have the healthiest meal of the day first thing in the morning and on-the-go. Win, win.

You can get it HERE! (P.S. Coach Kristi kicks ass when it comes to coaching and helping you with the busy mom nutrition. She is one, too! Contact her page! She has what you need, I promise!)


Rodan + Fields Dermatologists

This shit is the bomb! Seriously, if you are still washing your face with drug store grade crap just stop. It’s time for big girl products. This, my friends, is some life-changing stuff. The research is there to prove it….not to mention a whole number of personal friends (including myself) with some bad ass before and after photos! I’ve personally used Unblemish, Reverse, and Anti-Age (which is now labeled Redefine). This stuff is for the serious folks looking to fix their face. You can get it HERE! And my gal pal Merideth will hook you up! She is awesome. So don’t forget to tell her I sent you!

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