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Slow Drivers are so Thoughtful

Know who is thoughtful? Slow drivers. The ones on a two lane road that drive exactly the speed limit or maybe 5 miles under. Below are 5 reasons why slow drivers are thoughtful drivers.

  1. Community Policing – Ah, yes. There aren’t enough actual police officers to handle every infraction. Luckily for us there are a certain group of drivers that see you are approaching the rear of their vehicle faster than they are currently driving. And thanks to them they keep us in line. Thanks to them they keep everyone behind them (because they can) from driving faster than the speed limit. It’s so thoughtful of them for making our communities safer places to live. It’s so thoughtful of them for gently reminding us to remain law abiding citizens of our community. Thank you, slow drivers for your thoughtfulness.
  2. Smell the Roses – Yes, slow drivers allow us the time to smell the roses in life. Since they are taking their sweet ass time as if we all are able to do, we can all be reminded to enjoy the rest of our day and carpe diem!
  3. Prayers – Slow drivers also make us send up those prayers! Lord please don’t allow me to purposefully ram this jerk; Lord please push the gas pedal on the car in front of me and take their wheel; Lord please send me patience, lots of patience; Lord please let this slow driver pull off the road so the 15 cars behind them can return to a normal pace; Lord please let this person in front of me get over themselves and realize they can’t make decisions for the rest of us. You see? Slow drivers allow us to get in more prayer time. So thoughtful.
  4. Lessons – Slow drivers also allow us to teach the children in the car how to react to such a thoughtful person. Instead of responding with the internal rage burning at the tip of our tongues, slow drivers allow us to openly come up with reasons to explain how thoughtful they are. How thoughtful to remind us that the children are listening.
  5. Traffic Control – It is so thoughtful of slow drivers on the interstate to realize that if we all paced ourselves out accordingly we would be safer….and to do that they must drive at exactly the same speed as the slow driver that’s actually driving in the slow lane. By blocking the passing lane they control the amount of future traffic congestion. And for that we can all be thankful. So thoughtful of them.

God love the slow driver,

Your Mediocre Mom