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Short-Cuts for Everything


Hey there. If you are like me, you often take short-cuts for everything. You don’t know you’re doing it but trust me…we both do it. Here are a few…

  1. Cleaning:

Oh honey this is a BIG one! Admit it. When you sweep you don’t clean the baseboards. When you clean the bathroom you don’t dust the lights above the sink. When you add a load to the washing machine you don’t wet a dirty item in the load to wipe the inside of the washing machine lid clean. Let’s face it. We ALL take short-cuts when cleaning. Here are a few more lazy ways to clean….I mean ingenious ways to appear that you’ve cleaned well. Ha!

Use a carpet freshening powder.

Why not? Don’t give me that crap about the ¬†baby crawling around on residual chemicals. Sprinkle that shit on the carpet and quickly run the vacuum. Your husband will come home thinking you’ve washed everything including the curtains. Trust me. I have two toddlers and an inside dog (black Lab). If anyone’s house usually stinks it’s mine! This stuff makes the surrounding rooms smell glorious, too. And it lasts for 3 days. Voila!

Clorox Wipes

Or whatever brand you use. Forget the dusting spray and old rags….use a clorox wipe on everything!! Like, EVERYTHING! Run a few of those bad boys on every surface in the room. It literally takes less than 3 minutes and they smell good.

The “junk box.”

Yep, we could all have one if we followed this tip. Forget the junk drawer. Let me introduce you to the “crap! a visitor is on the way over!” junk box. It’s when you take an empty diaper box and run through the house (okay, really just the three rooms your guests will see) and throw everything that needs to be put away, in the box. Every piece of mail still laying out, misplaced toys, misplaced dirty socks, misplaced anything….throw it in the box then stash the box. The good thing about this is, you can always walk around the house with the box putting things back where they belong. I once got so behind on tidying my clutter that each member of the family had their own junk box. Yeah, gross. I will give you one warning with this one, though. When you remove all the clutter you will see that you need to dust. See the info above about Clorox wipes to quickly deal with that.

The dog.

Yep, I said it. My furry old lady loves to quickly clean up after the children’s delicious droppings of crumbs, nuggets, and even greasy finger prints left on….anything. And sometimes when I don’t have to time to mop right away I’ll call my old faithful friend and she quickly helps me out until I can get to that mopping. I’ve even caught her cleaning the baby’s face a time or two. Ha!

2. Food/Cooking:

Watering down.

Okay yall, this one makes me laugh, but gosh dawg kids can put down some juice! Fill that sippie cup half-way or 1/3 with water and make that crap last longer. Geeze! Sweet tea drinkers? Do yourself a favor and let them drink half-n-half. ¬†(Half sweet tea, half unsweet) Or cut the amount of sugar in half that you put into the tea to begin with. That last tip is a cardinal sin in my family, so we let the kids drink stevia sweetened tea. Ah, nothing like pumping our kids’ kidneys and livers with chemically processed crap. I mean, if it’s all going to cause cancer at least I can tell the doctor where to check first. (Totally not funny. Sort of.)

***Let me make a VERY IMPORTANT announcement here…..Never ever and I mean NEVER dilute/water down formula or breastmilk. Never. It messes up the level of electrolytes and is very very dangerous for the baby’s body to process.***

“Portion Control”

When you have two chicken breasts and four folks, cut those babies in half and give the lecture about working more on “portion control.” Just be prepared to circumvent the response you get next time they all get a full chicken breast. I have one prepared you can borrow….”I still want us to watch portion control, but sometimes I just love you so much I want to be generous every now and then.” Boom.


Come on. If you aren’t using this one already at least twice a week you are killing yourself. Please, Mama. Save yourself some sanity and use your crock pot! Bonus if you make a meal that can be doubled or tripled for other meals throughout the week. (Ex. Chicken chili can be eaten as chili, chicken tacos, chicken nachos, or even cold on a salad.) I have been using my crock-pots for years and finally bit the bullet and used the liners. I LOVE CROCK POT LINERS! Everyone hates cleaning the crock pot. Now we don’t have to. Win-win.

3. Laundry

Okay, if someone in your house just has stink-butt syndrome, these may not work for you. But most are pretty typical.


Sometimes, if my family just leaves the house for a couple of hours, like to go to church. I will spray a light mist of febreeze on our jeans, pants, sweaters, dress shirts, dresses and hang them back up. Laundry is a never ending task anyway. Take short cuts and keep your clothes looking good, too.

When I was a newly wed I couldn’t understand why we went through so many bath towels. Almost 5 years and two kids later I still have to sneak around to do this one. Hang your shower/bath towels up and reuse them the next day. Guess what? They were clean when you first used it and you only used it AFTER you got clean yourself. It’s not technically dirty. Hang it back up and it will be dry to use the next morning. Even with the kids, they only get carried to their rooms in them, they aren’t getting dirty! If the lightly used feeling bothers you so much, pop them all in the dryer with a dryer sheet for 20 minutes and voila! You’ve still saved time from doing a load of towels.

**Let me make a note here that dishrags and towels are a little different. I don’t know if the rest of the family has honestly only used the dish towel to dry their hands AFTER washing them….or if they’ve used it wipe something up. So those don’t get re-used too long.


Well, those are my quick short-cuts to cleaning, cooking, and laundry. I know there are others but it’s time to blow the referee whistle in the living room. Share your short-cuts in the comments below!

In half the time,

Your Mediocre Mom