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I Declare War!

My husband has an amazing family. They are crazy like any one else’s in-laws (and my family!), but they are so awesome. ¬†And as awesome as they are this is the public profession that I am declaring war with them.

He has a really precious Aunt D. She is the most faithful (to God) woman I have EVER met. Literally. This is the lady so crazy for God that she speaks to strangers at the gas pump about Him. She runs across parking lots to invite people to church. She stops for people broken down on the side of the road. She sees a woman without a coat and pulls her own off to gift it to the lady. …..and she thinks nothing of it. This is a woman that understands her job on earth and works non-stop at it. Diligently. Relentlessly. She is the poster-child for God’s foot-soldier. She’s amazing.

…but I have beef with her. So I have decided to declare war with her.

A while back a movie came out called, War Room. I didn’t get to the theater to see it. So I asked my husband for it as a gift for something…birthday, anniversary, etc. It’s a good movie about the power of prayer. I have literally heard dozens of people that have seen the movie say they want to create their own war room. A room devoted to prayer. A room devoted to declaring war against the work the devil is doing on earth. I’ll admit, it sounds nice. But where on earth would I put one?

We just moved to east Tennessee. Our new home was built in 1965, so you can imagine our storage issues. The master bedroom is tiny and the closet resembles a single use space. Definitely no room for all of our belongings. If you could see where we live you would understand why we compromised on such issues. Point is…we don’t have any space.

There was an oddly placed ‘closet’ right off the kitchen sort of in the laundry room area. It was completely bare. No racks, no hanging rods, no shelving, nothing. Was it a former pantry? Did the lady keep vacuums and mops there? What in the world did she use that big empty space for? (Ding!) That’s the sound of my thinking lightbulb turning on.

I had a crazy idea to purchase a closet kit from Lowes and turn that big space into a closet for me and my husband. It’s oddly placed in the house, but we have no other use for it and were lacking closet space. We made the conversion and got used to it. But now there is a small closet in our bedroom. Perfect for hanging my husbands nice work clothes, my dresses, etc. You know, things that need to be dry cleaned and you don’t want to wrinkle in the jungle of t-shirts and sweaters. So it served as a place for shoes and nice clothes. Perfect space. Both issues solved.

Fast forward to a month or so ago…..Aunt D discovered cancer. Talk about a heartbreaking blow. I never did call her. I don’t know what to say. I don’t understand it. Why on earth would God choose to give one of his biggest soldiers that challenge? Surely this isn’t her demise. There is no freaking way. Like, literally no way. He wouldn’t call someone that has a personal life mission to spread his light and gospel. Someone that is actually doing what they are supposed to be doing….what they were created for. The VERY reason they were created. That’s what she’s doing. It just doesn’t make sense. She was even planting seeds to the person taking her blood for testing. I don’t understand it.

And I don’t like it.

The more I thought about it the more angry I got.

I recently read a book on the KonMarie method of decluttering. And I jumped in. So far I’ve only done my clothes. Once I got rid of 90% of my clothes my husband was so impressed he wanted to read it. So I’ve been waiting on him to finish it before we completely declutter the house together. Once I had gotten rid of most of my clothes I didn’t need my small closet space any longer. My husbands work clothes also naturally found a new spot and it seemed inconvenient to have to access that one space just to get shoes, so I also moved those to a better spot. My once tiny closet problem has now turned into an empty useless space. Ironic.

Enter the war room!

I needed to pray for Aunt D. Hard. Not the every night before bed kind. Or even the chosen fasting periods of the day kind. But the kind that reaches the heavens with boldness. The kind that sends sounds waves across the seas to let the devil know God’s army is rising. The kind that demanded justice for her; that declared her healing; and thanked God for his mighty power over her life. The kind that declared war. ……..and you know what? I happened to have a space for it. So I waited a few days until my older toddler when to school. I laid the baby down for her nap and I got to work. I swept, mopped, and painted the inside of that closet. I nailed a cork board to the wall and added a little chair and a lamp. Voila! Time to get to work! It’s time to wage a war WITH Aunt D (not against her)!

Many many many prayers will go up in war in my war room. And God has chosen to use Aunt D to give me the kick in the butt (and the space) to do it! If you have wanted to created your own, I encourage you to make it happen. Consolidate what you can. Move things around. Trust me, it’s like rearranging furniture- it’s refreshing. Do what you have to do to make it happen! This is a war folks. Stop putting it off and pick up your swords!

Give prayer a fighting chance,

Your Mediocre Mom