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I’m Outsourcing Myself for Mother’s Day

You read it. I’m outsourcing myself this Mother’s Day. There’s nothing I want more than to be able to abandon my duties. All of them. Go back to the days when me and my ride-or-die would cruise the country roads with our sunglasses on and the music up. We didn’t have a care in the world. Not a one. Unfortunately we both have a boat load of responsibilities now and she’s about 500 miles away. We don’t regret our ‘responsibilities’ but there’s something about daydreaming into the past when we were invincible. ¬†Especially on days we feel completely defeated. And let’s face it, being a mom has too many moments of feeling defeated.

With Mother’s Day approaching I can’t help but reflect on all that motherhood entails. Can I be honest? Just thinking about it made me tired. Isn’t it tiring, though? Being a mother isn’t just about cheerful afternoons playing with the children. It’s about the endless loads of laundry (and all the stains!), having to discipline when it pulls at your heartstrings, being incredibly aware of keeping your emotions in check no matter what kind of personal day you are having because they can see through it, searching your reserve tank for self-control when they need to learn hard lessons or how to do something difficult on their own, it’s letting them spread their wings without you, and it’s letting them act a little immature for their age because you can’t help but want to keep them little as long as possible.

Motherhood is tiring. It’s no wonder there is a day set aside to celebrate all that we are. But what about celebrating all that we DO? The cooking, the cleaning, the managing, the shopping, the planning, the wound healing, the praying….you name it. We moms are aware of all we do….we do it! That’s what I want to outsource. Now if I can just find the money to pay for it. Ha! So, I can’t hire a nanny, a house cleaner (right now), a personal accountant, or a chef. But….I can try to make doing those things a little easier on myself. Especially this weekend.

Enter the crap menu.

I am a planner. I can’t help it. It makes my life less stressful and easier to manage our household. I meal plan, make lists, and stick to a budge (mostly). We usually have the same type of dishes on the menu but cooked a different way each week. For example, Taco Tuesday can be beef tacos, chicken tacos, enchiladas, tostadas, nachos, etc. But this coming week…I’m taking off. And I can’t wait.

I outsourced myself by using pre-packaged prepared options. And I feel zero guilt about it. It’s in style now to eat organic, GMO free, and fresh foods. No fillers, no cancer causing chemicals and no added hormones. It’s in style to do ‘homework’ on everything you do and buy. I’m guilty of that, too. But my homework led me to finding out that it takes 24-26 years for a lot of those chemicals to leave your body. The chances of anyone staying 100% ‘clean’ from them (for that long) ¬†is so far unlikely that all the extra costs and work involved in that lifestyle becomes so wasteful. That’s just my opinion.

So my family eats hot dogs, bologna, and whatever cream of _____ soup my recipe calls for. And we couldn’t be happier. So this week as I planned my weekly menu I decided to give myself a break. A much needed Mother’s Day break. Taco Tuesday is replaced with Stouffer’s Enchiladas. Italian night is replaced with Stouffer’s Chicken Alfredo. Our oriental dish has been replaced with a bag of frozen Sweet N Sour Chicken and a box of frozen fried rice. There is a big box of frozen Mickey Mouse Waffles and a big bag of frozen biscuits in the freezer. Several individual packaged PB&J Uncrustables, Gogurt, mozzarella cheese sticks, and two gallons of sweet tea. I set my house up for an easy-peasy week full of what the rest of you call garbage. Again, I feel zero guilt about it. Now I can pop something into the oven and go push my kids on the swing for an hour. I can pop a few biscuits into the oven and sing along to whatever cartoon the kids have chosen.

Is it something I would do often? Probably not. I may not give into the peer pressure or bullying associated with my grocery cart contents, but I know we still need fresh options and meals. But this Mother’s Day I’m outsourcing myself. I’m actually looking forward to ‘motherhood’ this week. As it should be.

Happy Mother’s Day,

Your Mediocre Mom