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Update on the Move: I’m over it!

Hi there. As you sit where ever you are, I am still living in a tiny two bedroom apartment with my husband, mother, and two tiny children (a two-year old boy that is 100% Pentecostal and a 7 month old little princess). It’s a cute apartment that is fully furnished- that’s a huge blessing.  But there is one window unit pumping AC and it’s located across the unit in the dining room. That means we all burn up at night in the bedrooms. My toddler currently claims 80% of the bed he shares with his Memaw at night. And my husband and I are held hostage each day by the napping/sleeping baby in an uncomfortable pack-n-play in our bedroom. The washer and dryer are a called a “thin twin” combination, meaning it washes three towels at a time. The dryer vent hose that usually runs to an exterior wall of the home doesn’t. It has some weird vent cup on the end of it and it sits on the bathroom floor. That means all the heat from the dryer is blowing into the bathroom….which doesn’t have a fan, only a tiny window in the shower that opens. With 5 people living here you can imagine how hot it stays in there from having to constantly run it. The appliances are so outdated they don’t cook properly. A bag of microwave popcorn takes 4 minutes to pop half the bag. The corn that actually pops is scorched. Something is weird about the outlets in the kitchen because they make the appliances we packed cook hot and fast. Strange. All I can think about is how we had the electricity switched over into our name early so the movers would have AC. So I’m paying electricity for a home I don’t own and I’m sitting over here hot. Ha! Oh, but these are the days that memories are made, right? Ugh. I am always the one that tries to keep everyone encouraged and tries to keep everything in perspective….but even I am struggling.

We are so tired of trying to keep the children busy and entertained. I have spent a small fortune on cheap disposable toys and what was supposed to be “travel toiletries.” We didn’t plan on being in this position for very long so everything we need on a regular basis is packed away and stored in a house we do not own. Yep, you read that right…..we’ve already moved our belongings into the home. Don’t get me wrong, that was the biggest blessing we’ve received so far. And I am extremely grateful for that. But our “stuff” was moved here so soon because we were told a bum closing date. The seller has been back and forth about letting us move in early and frankly I’m really uncomfortable moving in early, at this point. Heaven forbid my toddler break something before we own it. People seem to be more worried about the dog. They have no idea! She’s the laziest sweetest thing that exists. Have you ever met a lab that never chews or digs? If you’ve met mine you have. She never did, even as a puppy! People should be worried about my toddler, not my dog. She is much more well behaved than my kid. Seriously.

Another thing bothering me is that I pulled my mother into this. She cares for my elderly grandfather. She even lives with him back home. She agreed to come stay with me for a month to help me with the kids while I try to get unpacked and somewhat settled. It would allow for Donnie and I to travel to nearby cities to purchase any furniture we needed, etc. But now that this is all dragging out, she’s spent her time in this hot apartment being held hostage to a toddlers nap and bedtimes. She doesn’t have a single space to her own to regroup at night. She’ll still have to go back home towards the end of July.

And then there’s my fur baby. Since she’s not allowed to stay in the apartment or the house that we are paying AC for, I had to stick her in an unbelievable kennel. It’s horrible. I packed her up, drove her 9 hours, and dropped her off at a kennel. I can’t even get them to call me back so I can ask about her. I feel so bad for her. I just know she thinks I’ve abandon her. She wasn’t supposed to stay but just a few days. Now it’ll be almost two weeks. Ugh, that makes me cry. For those of you reading this that think I’m over reacting, she’s not a typical pet. She and I used to travel a little and do dog shows. And she would win! I still have her ribbons and photos packed away somewhere at the new house. This all just sucks really bad.

Our original closing date on the house we are trying to buy was July 5th, I believe. It has been pushed up and then back so many times that I cannot remember the first time they told us to prepare to be here. I think it was July 21st? And we’re still here awaiting a closing date. Just this morning we were told to expect the original July 5th closing date- this coming Tuesday. And less than 30 minutes later were told to push it back to possibly Wednesday. Unbelievable!

So, here we are. Still sitting in this hot apartment, sweating in our sleep, driving by the house we love with all of our stuff sitting in it, hoping my dog is okay, and trying our best to make the most of it. But I would be lying if I told you we weren’t over it. We are so over it.  I’m trying my best to remain optimistic, but at this point I’ll believe it when I see it. And I want my damn dog back. Today.