The Nursery


Alas, the nursery is complete. This is definitely NOT a mediocre mom type nursery. It is, however, one of those half-way into regret type nurseries. And that, my friends, is definitely mediocre mom-ish. Ha.  I can’t even remember where I got the inspiration to do an Alice in Wonderland themed nursery.  It must have been a late night Pinterest plan. You know the kind. Where you see a great idea, Google a few of the details and instantly convince yourself it is totally DIY worthy. I did get the ideas on what exactly to paint from Pinterest, but I can’t remember what led me to search that theme out.

I have to be honest….

We didn’t spend near as much as you may think, on this. Luckily, I know a fella. He’s pretty good at drawing/painting, etc. I paid him a very small fee (considering the job) to come and pencil the drawing on the walls and then I took to a lot of sorority acrylic craft experience and got to painting. I knew it was going to be pretty intensive hands on and look really good once finished. Because of this I wanted to make sure my husband had a stake in it, too. That way he also felt a sense of pride when walking into the room. It worked like a charm! He was really nervous to free hand anything, paint-wise. So I took to making a few stencils and let him have a go at the leaves on the trees. I wondered if he would grow tired with it after completing several of them. He actually didn’t. And I really enjoyed having the company while painting the smaller, more time consuming, details. (Psst! He actually painted the Cheshire Cat…and it looks great!)



Before we had kids we used to go for a quick walk after supper. It always made me feel better after eating and it turned into a great time for us to talk about our day and what all was going on with us personally. Sometimes we were done walking but were enjoying the conversation so much that we would make another loop around. Spending time together painting the nursery turned into that talk-time that we had come to miss. We enjoyed it so much that we were planning “nursery nights” during the week so we could paint and talk. We would put our toddler to bed, grab our phones, and quietly play the radio while working on our big project. It was really nice to spend that time alone with him laughing again. Even over the small stuff.



We were nearing the finish line one night when my artist friend sent me a text asking for some photos. He was excited about this project, too. I joked with him that as soon as we finished my husband would get a job offer and we would have to paint over all the hard work just to sell the house. He said he had just completed a Winnie the Pooh mural on four complete walls in a huge playroom….and that exact thing happened to that family. It took using a sander and five coats of primer to repaint their playroom.  I kid you not….I finally put the finishing touches on our nursery late on a Sunday night- my husband came home for lunch that following Monday and said he got an inter-company job offer to move to another state….8 hours away. You can imagine the mixed feelings!


That was a month ago.

 We’re still here, for now anyway. So with a great artist friend, a garage sale crib, an already owned dresser, a host of small tiny tubes of acrylic paint (mostly from my college days), and searching the web for great bedding and curtain deals, this entire nursery cost around $300 (excluding the black lab). Seriously. I think I paid that much for my son’s bedding, alone.  My husband jokes that our daughter will definitely make up for the cost in clothes. Turns out he wasn’t joking. She already has more clothes than anyone else in the house…and I’m just now 37 weeks pregnant with her. Ha! Luckily, I’ve been resourceful with that too and have only spent around $50 on clothing purchases (consignments, Facebook resale groups, Varage Sale, etc.). The rest was donated or gifted to us. Such a blessing!


Here recently I’ve been pacing in and out of her room. I love it so much but I keep looking for her. Sounds silly, I know, but she’s the only thing missing.  I’m ready for her to be here. I’m ready to dress her in her clothes and change her diapers and all the other things that come with her just being here. It reminds me of my favorite verse, “Everything has already been decided. So there is no use in arguing with God about your destiny.” Ecclesiastes 6:10 He has already decided her birthday. It has already been written. Until then, I’ll just take a few more trips into her nursery while it’s still quiet.

Sometimes patiently waiting,

Your Mediocre Mom

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